Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Support A Fellow Wolf Warrior!

The combined efforts of many fighting to win control of growing and extremely destructive wolf populations are beginning to help insure that wolf numbers will be dramatically reduced. Much has been done on both state and federal levels. And as things get bashed around within our state legislatures and back in Washington D.C., we're learning who our political friends and who our political enemies are.

This arena will become the main thrust for LOBO WATCH as we now head toward the 2012 elections. There is some serious house cleaning to be done at all levels of government. And the sportsmen and true wildlife conservationists of this country continue to become more organized. We can and will make a major difference in future elections. We have grown tired of wishy-washy, flip flopping politicians who say one thing, then support efforts which are not in the best interest of hunting...fishing...and the outdoors in general.

It's time to remove them from office.

Another area that LOBO WATCH will now begin to focus on is to organize sportmen boycotts of those companies and services which financially support major anit-hunting enviromental groups - such as Defenders of Wildlife, the Humane Society of the United States, the Sierra Club, and the Center for Biological Diversity.

On local levels, LOBO WATCH will encourage all to scrutinize who they do business with...and to support ONLY those businesses who are with us in this battle to save America's wildlife from major predators - be they animal or human.

One business here in the Northern Rockies which needs to be recognized for being in this fight all the way is Alpine Artistry Taximermy, of Arlee, MT. The sign above, along U.S. 93 between Arlee and Ravalli, used to carry the shop's name, but owner Shawn Andres felt it needed to convey another message - to halt the devastation non-native and non-endangered Canadian wolves, wrongly forced on the residents of Montana by USFWS, have dealt elk, moose, deer and other wildlife species.

If you are looking for one true World Class taxidermist, take a look at Shawn's work at the following link. He is with us 100% in this Wolf War, strongly supporting wolf control hunts, attending sportsman meetings to discuss the problem, and protesting against wolves at rallies.


Toby Bridges

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