Saturday, April 23, 2011

LOBO WATCH Mails Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Dear Governor Walker;

I've been reading where the residents of your state have finally gotten tired of living the wolf lie - as have the residents of every other state where wolves are destroying wildlife resources, negatively impacting livestock production, and posing both physical and health threats to human residents.

Much of this animosity toward wolves could have been prevented...if...

And "if" is indeed a mighty big word when it comes to this issue. If states would have stood up to the federal government 20 years ago, wolves would not be the problem they are now. If state wildlife agencies like the WI DNR would have rejected the idiocy of the USFWS wolf project, states would have a lot more control than they enjoy now. If those same state wildlife agencies had more carefully employed state biologists true to their career, we wouldn't be living as big a lie as we are now. The "ifs" could go on and on.

Fact is, EVERY state with an established wolf population has one heck of a lot more wolves than state and federal wildlife agencies admit. They are simply covering up the mess they've created, and perpetuate the lie by down playing the number of wolves in the major "wolf states"...including Wisconsin. I recently read where the WI DNR/USFWS is saying there are now 800-850 wolves in Wisconsin. Isn't the true number more like 1,200 to 1,500? I have been to northern Wisconsin many times. There is absolutely no way that anyone using any available technology could come even close to accurately counting wolves. And it is what your DNR experts don't know which is wiping out whitetail herds, damaging the rural economy and placing harsh impositions on the residents of your state.

During the Wisconsin Conservation Congress meetings held this past week in every county of the state, those attending all of these meetings were fairly unanimous in taking a stand against wolves. Issues included 1.) Establishing a wolf population of 350 or less...2.) WI DNR to implement meaningful wolf control...3.) To have the wolf federally delisted...4.) And to no longer simply relocate problem wolves (instead to eliminate them). All 72 counties voted in favor of these measures.

The bounty of wildlife that Wisconsin enjoys has been the result of nearly a hundred years of sound wildlife conservation practices, all paid for by the sportsmen of your state - not Johnny-Come-Lately organizations like the National Wildlife Federation...Defenders of Wildlife...the Humane Society of the United States...and other similar so-called "environmental" or "animal rights" groups, which have learned to milk the wolf "cash cow" for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here in Montana, the sportsmen of this state are on the very edge of full revolt. They have grown sick and tired of the foot dragging and political grandstanding of do-nothing politicians, not to mention a state wildlife agency that has repeatedly lied to them - and those elected officials and politically appointed persons which have either contributed to the dramatic loss of wildlife or which have done little to nothing to stop the damage will most likely find themselves soon standing in the unemployment lines!

With wolves now at everyone's door in Wisconsin, you are now sitting on one very explosive powder keg. Attached is a release I sent out here in the Northern Rockies. More than ever, those who are being affected by out-of-control wolf populations and levels of depredation want to know who are their political enemies.

Toby Bridges

(Note: The release mentioned can be read on the LOBO WATCH website at the following link.)


  1. we know agencies have not been either totally honest or just have no clue....for years now, we've been talking about the sightings of cougars. the sightings have been ignored. that's ok....when it gets deadly bad is when they will finally do something. you know, push comes to shove!

  2. I think the letters "Phd" for most of today's green oriented biologists and wildlife managers mean, to them, "Put Hunting to Death". I know here in Montana, sportsmen are so pissed that come the 2012 election, we'll have a new governor. And if it happens to be one of several candidates who are dead set to take full conrol of the wolf issue...I feel extremely confident there will be a total overhaul of our Fish, Wildlife and Parks...and an entirely new system of how biologists and managers are hired - plus implementation of a regular performance a sportsman based review board. We can no longer trust these people to do the right thing. They have destroyed that trust.