Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Wolf Lies" Presentation In Kalispell on August 25th

How Many Lies Can The Wolf Recovery Project Support And Continue To Have Any Validity Whatsoever?

Everyone who is now affected by an out of control wolf problem in the Northern Rockies needs to revisit the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Plan and the 1994 Environmental Impact Statement issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before wolves were "reintroduced" into this region of the country. If you do, and fully realize the negative impact wolves are now having on our wildlife populations, the increased rate of livestock depredation, the threats to human health and safety, the loss of hunting opportunities, the destruction of the rural economy, and the overall not-so-good psychological impact wolves are now having on human residents, it's easy to realize just how gullible most of us were to believe that anything good would come of this government orchestrated disaster.

It also becomes even easier to realize that those who were "in charge" of the "plan"...those who assessed the impact wolves would have...those who promised that the wolf population would be "managed"...were either too stupid to get the job done - or outright lied from the very start, and have had an entirely different agenda since well before the first wolves were released into Yellowstone National Park in 1995.

When one takes the time to compare what has really happened since those wolves were released into America's wildlife wonderland to what was stated as fact, as known, as real, anyone capable of rational thinking knows that "wolf recovery" in the Northern Rockies has been little more than one great big lie. And that lie began well before USFWS released those first wolves 16 years ago.

Likewise, the agency knew fully what the outcome would be, before the door of the first wolf cargo box was opened. And USFWS has lived the wolf lie ever since.

The need for wolves in this ecosystem was likely the first big lie. For that matter, so has been the need for greater grizzly bear densities. The wolf that USFWS released as a "replacement" for the native wolf was not the same, or in other words was also a lie. How the funding for the project was stolen from Pitman-Robertson funds, under the "assumption" it was okay - is just another lie. How wolves have "spread on their own" is a lie. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks became a willing partner in this wildlife disaster, and has repeatedly lied about the true number of wolves in this state...and has lied to cover up the loss of big game to wolves. The states of Idaho and Montana have lied to residents about the health threats and physical danger that wolves pose humans. State and federal agencies who have vowed to cover livestock losses to wolves repeatedly refuse to pay that reimbursement due to lack of "evidence" that wolves were involved - even though sheep and cattle carcasses had been ripped apart by wolves, and the ground has been covered with wolf tracks. In other words, those sent to assess whether wolves caused the death or not are also living the wolf lie.

These and other wolf lies will be the topic at a presentation given by LOBO WATCH founder Toby Bridges in Kalispell, MT on Thursday, August 25. His "Wolf Lies" presentation will be at the Outlaw Inn, on Highway 93 South, and begins at 6:30 p.m.


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