Friday, June 10, 2011

State of New Mexico Pulls Out Of Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction Program!

The above photo shows what some rural New Mexico residents have had to revert to, in order to protect their children, waiting for the school bus, from ever bolder Mexican gray wolves. On 6-19-11, the State of New Mexico decided they had had enough of this idiocy, and voted to pull out of the Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction Program. Following is an e-mail received from LOBO WATCH follower, New Mexico outfitter Jess Carey...

I would like to report to you; On May 18th, 2011 the Catron County Commission sent a letter to The N.M. Game Commission and Governor Martinez requesting them to remove the State from Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction. Six documents were attached to show the damage the children and folks of Catron County has suffered due to Mexican Wolf Recovery. At the New Mexico Game Commission meeting today, 06-09-11, the Commission voted unanimously to remove the state from Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction. Governor Martinez also supports the state being removed from Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction. Governor Martinez and the Game Commission will be receiving a lot of flack from the pro-wolf supporters and wolf organizations, it is "imperative" that we all send a letter or email to Governor Martinez and each Game Commissioner to support them and thank them for the action they have taken.

Now the USFWS cannot blame the Game Department on wolf issues, now the USFWS can be held accountable. We want Governor Martinez to take action on documented wolf interaction to remove those wolves. Every wolf livestock depredation and habituated wolf interaction around homes and people needs to be documented.

Catron County Commissioner Glen Griffin did an excellent job in his presentation to the Game Commission, as did all the folks who spoke against the wolf program. Many could not attend the Game Meeting due to the fire at the Arizona state line.

You can be assured that the liberal press will only use the same old pro-wolf advocate statements in their paper and make everyone else look bad.

Please pass this email on to everyone you know and ask them to send a letter or email in support to remove the state from Mexican Wolf Re-introduction.

Thank you,
Jess Carey

Addresses below:

Office of the Governor
490 Old Santa Fe Trail
Room 400
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Those wishing to send an e-mail message to Governor Susana Martinez can use the form on the official state website at...

LOBO WATCH sent the following response to New Mexico resident and outfitter Jess Carey...

Thanks Jess,

This afternoon, I will circulate this throughout the Northern Rockies, and I will send a letter to the Governor of New Mexico, and to the New Mexico Game Commission thanking them for doing what had to be done.

Wolf control begins with the populace of a state saying "No!" to forced federal programs which so severely impact the health, safety and welfare of the people as negatively as has forced wolf introduction. Not only have wolves destroyed wildlife resources and created undue hardships for ranchers, USFWS wolves are also destroying a way of life and delivering the
"cou de gras" to an already dying economy.

I only wish our Governor here in Montana was man enough to do the same thing. He's a big talker, but not much of a doer. He continues to play the USFWS wolf game, and because of his lackluster stand against wolves, the state of Montana, the "Treasure State", is fast losing one of its most precious treasures - the abundance of wildlife once found all along its western mountains. Wildlife conservation in this part of the state has suffered a 40 to 50 year set the ranching community is being forced to feed far more wolves than our Governor and our Game Commission
acknowledge here. They have become an integral part of the problem, and Montanans have grown sick and tired of the idiocy behind the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project, and those responsible for the tremendous losses this state has suffered, and continues to suffer.

Thanks for getting this information to me.

Toby Bridges


  1. Great day for freedom. States standing up to the corrupt Federal Government that sold out rural Americans to get in bed with WOLF CULT. These people hate rural Americans and want to see them lose their jobs their homes and everything important to a family. Time the Feds admit they are liars and traitors to the Americans sportsman too for getting in bed with the animal rights extremists.

  2. Really? Last I remember, the BLM, our National Parks and connected Federal Lands belonged to ALL US citizens, not just the ranching and mining industries that lease the land way below market value. Sounds like a lot of spoiled brats (ranchers screaming that their livli-hood is being taken from them) and fear mongering local fringe groups that revel in ignorance. Hogwash the Special Interest groups that bully the State. New Mexico's State Wildlife agencies know better! Domestic dogs KILL more of these Ranchers livestock then all the wolf kills put together over the past 100 years~
    Rural Americans, just a suburban and urban Americans are entitled to a FREE Public Education. They are NOT entitled to use Public lands in any manner they see fit, including the destruction of Native Species that play a vital role in healthy ecosystems. Perhaps the last two writers should take up their real "entitlement' .. that is, get properly Educated and leave the wolves alone! Let me kill and eat the old and weak Elk and deer and stop having the 'sports' hunter kill off the best and strongest Elk and deer. How crazy is that?

  3. are just stupid...and there's no cure for that.

    My guess don't even live anywhere near where there are wolves. If your kids had to wait inside a cage for the school guess is you would think differently. But, probably not. Like I said, you are just stupid.

  4. I agree totally with Mitch. All wolf haters are so uneducated, blind and totally stupid. You people are ignorant and self absorbed and
    so completely brain washed. Do your homework and give facts and proof. Right, there is no proof as to the accusation that wolfs will harm children, cats and all your harmful cows that eats all the vegetation and farts methane gas into the atmosphere so that global warming are even worse than before. . There are only
    50 animals left in New Mexico and Arizona and all of you are saying that they are everywhere. People are everywhere . The wolfs are more afraid of humans than any other animal. It is very hard to se them..So any photos to proof such idiocy as why you need to put your children in these stupid buss cages. Com on people wake up,, please be more educated. Did you know that removing the wolf from the environment is extremely harmful and that in 70 years we will not have a world to live in anyway because of global arming and pollution and destruction of the forest. So to all cow lovers and wolf haters,, if you have it your way,, the world will be gone in 70 years,, you can kiss good by to all your assets goodbye and let you children live underground which is much worse than let your children stay in stupid and ridicules buss cages. Methane gas is being released in the Arctic right now and if thee will be no change,,that is the end so to speak,, so let your cows destroy the environment ,, make more babies,,shoot the wolfs and then you will find out what kind of future you will have,, The true fact is,, cows needs to go,,wolf haters needs to go and nature needs to come back and people need to step down from playing God.