Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Have You Left Any Comments With MT FWP In Regards To The 2011 Wolf Hunt?

Montana Fish, wildlife and Parks is now seeking comments in regard to the wolf quota, season dates, hunt units and boundaries.

Following are the comments I sent yesterday.

"When is MT FWP going to get honest about the number of wolves in this state? To say that killing
220 wolves will reduce the state wolf population by about 25-percent, to around 425, is pure hogwash.

Why do you people continue to lie to the hunters of this state?

Last year, when proposing the 2010 hunt (that did not take place), FWP had no problem proclaiming that a
quota of "186" wolves represented a 13-percent decrease in the state's wolf population. Perhaps you guys
need calculators...or at lease take off your boots when ciphering numbers, so you have more digits to work
with. If "186" represented 13-percent of the population, that means there were around 1,430 wolves in
Montana LAST YEAR. Now you are saying that a quota of "220" represents 25-percent of Montana's wolf
population...or in other words, you are now saying there are 880 wolves in Montana.

What happened to the other 550 wolves??? Also, I guess those 1,430 wolves you acknowledged last year
didn't have any pups, eh? Come on, admit it, MT FWP has absolutely no idea how many wolves are in this state.
How could you, you do not possess the technology for counting wolves, nor do you have the personnel in the
field to get even a close count...let alone a count that's reasonably right.

What mysterious mathematical equation are you using to pull your numbers right out of blue sky? If you mad
scientists used the math presented by Dr. L. David Mech, in his declaration for the 2008 wolf delisting, you
would surely realize that the true number of wolves in this state is well over 1,500 (more like 2,500) - which
would account for the excessive depredation of big game in a number of areas.

Also, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves for lying to the sportsmen of Montana, who have fully
supported FWP since its start, and for the shoddy manner in which your agency continually tried to cover up the
loss of elk, moose and other big game to wolves. You've now built a wall between FWP and Montana's sportsmen.
Your actions and lies have revealed your true agenda, and that is no longer to insure the health of our wildlife
resources. FWP has sold out to the radical green environmental groups, and with the 2012 election, the sportsmen
of this state will seek revenge. They will elect a governor that best represents them...and who will have absolutely
no reservation about giving FWP a total overhaul. And that will start by skimming off the scum at the top....then
seeing who is left that's true to their chosen professions. We now realize that the top management of FWP can no
longer be trusted.

Toby Bridges
Missoula, MT"

To leave comments of your own, go to the following link, and click on "For Hunters", that will take you to a list of
topics open for Public Comment, scroll down to the 2011 Wolf Hunting Seasons, and click on "Submit Comments".


Don't hold back. It's bad enough that our wildlife agency has willingly allowed wolves to destroy hunting up and down
most of western Montana. What's even worse is that by forcing YOU to buy a tag in order to control wolf numbers, they
are now making you pay (once more) to fix their screw up.

Toby Bridges

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  1. Please go to the MT FWP link above, and send them the message that you've had enough of their b.s.

    There is absolutely no way this agency can even start to manage (or, better yet, control) wolf populations...UNTIL they have a more honest count on the number of wolves in this state. Right now, they're just throwing around numbers...trying to appear to be "on top of" this situation.

    In reality, they do not have a clue.

    Toby Bridges, LOBO WATCH