Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hundreds Expected To Turn Out For Wolf-Judge Protest Rally At Missoula U.S. District Court Building

Residents of the Northern Rockies have just about had their fill of wolves. Actually, what they've mostly grown tired of is how wolves are now making a seriously negative impact on other wildlife populations - namely the elk, deer and moose populations that have made Montana, Idaho and Wyoming famous, and which are now disappearing rapidly in many areas. Rural residents have also become weary of fighting to keep wolves away from their livestock, and worrying about the safety of their children.

Many of those who live close to the land are equally disturbed at how a handful of self-proclaimed "environmental" groups continue to fight the wolf management hunts needed to control wolf numbers at a level where big game herds can still flourish, plus allow ranchers to profitably raise cattle and sheep. Likewise, tax-paying citizens are now realizing that these same groups or organizations have financially benefited from the billions of federal dollars they've received through the Equal Access to Justice Act, for the grossly padded legal expenditures for which these "non-profit" organizations are reimbursed. And many Northern Rockies residents are now growing extremely suspicious of the one federal judge these groups continually get to hear their cases, and wonder just what the incentives are for this judge to always decide in their favor.

That anger...that frustration...that distrust will surely be openly displayed on March 24, 2011 as a large crowd of sportsmen, rural land owners, ranchers, and those who have seen their logging careers ended by these same "green" organizations, and the very same Judge Donald Molloy, gather in protest of efforts to once again thwart any control of ever growing wolf numbers, and to stop ever escalating wolf devastation. The issue has reached and surpassed the boil-over point, and hundreds are expected to join in the protest - and there will more than likely be quite the array of protest signs - some targeting wolves, some taking environmental groups to task, and some questioning the motive of the judge inside.

LOBO WATCH has been hearing from groups up and down the western side of Montana...and from across Idaho...and even from Wyoming who fully intend to be standing in front of and alongside the Russell Smith U.S. District Court building on that day. The rally will take place at the corner of East Broadway and North Pattee streets in Missoula, as Judge Molloy once again listens to the wishes of groups like the Defenders of Wildlife, the Center for Biological Diversity, and the Humane Society of the United States, who are opposed to any control of wolf numbers, and especially reducing the wolf populations to an acceptable level. The hearing on March 24 is an attempt by these groups to have the definition changed for the "experimental" and "non-essential" classification of the non-native and non-endangered Canadian wolves that many feel the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wrongly transplanted into the wildlife rich Northern Rockies. Or to eliminate that classification altogether.

After listening to the arguments of these groups last June, Molloy placed gray wolves back on the Endangered Species List, which cancelled out management hunts that were scheduled for Montana and Idaho. Molloy based that decision on the fact the USFWS did not accept Wyoming's wolf management plan, and he ruled it was wrong to permit hunts in adjacent states. However, another federal judge in Cheyenne, WY decided that USFWS had been wrong to reject Wyoming's plan. Still, the management hunts in Montana and Idaho remained cancelled - and that will be one part of the issue that draws many angry sportsmen to this protest rally. Some will be protesting for individual state right to manage wolf numbers, others will be calling for the complete resignation or impeachment of Judge Molloy.

This rally is being co-organized by a number of sportsman and land owner based organizations. LOBO WATCH has become the lead organizer. Anyone wanting to participate should contact Toby Bridges at lobowatch@yahoo.com. Right now, plans are for protesters to be at the courthouse starting at 12 noon, since the actual hearing begins at 1:30 p.m., and there needs to be a crowd around the courthouse when key players and the media begin to show. Molloy's court session will likely end around 4 p.m., and some protesters need to be still be on hand. Any time or date changes will be posted on the LOBO WATCH website, at www.lobowatch.org or www.lobowatch.com .


  1. Tomorrow Is The Day - W-Day in the Northern Rockies.

    Bring your protest sign and be loud - be seen and heard. Let the world know that you're sick and tired of wolves.

  2. April Fool's Day came a week early in Missoula. There they were, all 18 or so of them , and a dog , attempting to make an intellectually challenged statement outside Judge Molloy's court hearing. Motley fools, and one dog. The rabble of anti-wolf rhetoricians groping for some attention in a most inappropriate setting, illustrating either a profund disregard for the legal process or a moronic grasp of it. Nothing happening outside a courtroom has much bearing on what happens inside same, except in your own small minds I suppose. It was entertaining street theater, I suppose.

    Your pathetic protest went nowhere, Toby. Put your tail between your legs and lope home to lick your wounds. Dunno what to tell you about treating your deflated ego, but a sustained injection of Mule Flatulence may restore your hat size.

    We gleefully await your next stupendity.

  3. Dewey Can't Count...he's numerically challenged. Probably the family inbreeding.

    He's also one of the biggest phonies hitting the comment boards. Did you know that he posts, on the same comment section, under different names...like Cody Coyote. And I swear he has conversed with himself on many occasions. NEW WEST is his most frequent hang out...along with a few other losers.

    Yep, Dewey is the Sybile of the internet. I think he's been caught using 4 or 5 different names. Isn't that right? He's the real "Ambassador" of the pro-wolf anti-hunting crowd. They're all a bunch of phonies...and it's good to see them now squirming as all of the GOOD wolf legislation is making headlines...and his beloved environemental coalition is falling apart.

    Thanks for coming on over here Dewey...Cody Coyote...or whoever you think you are.

    Hey, where were you on the 24th? Only 1 pro-wolfer showed up...and went scurrying like a rat jumping from a sinking ship when he was exposed. I guess, like most of your kind, you were just too big of a chicken shit to be there. Hell, if you had come and brought all of your different distorted personalities, your side would have been better represented.

    What are some of those other names you use? I'm sure the folks here would love to know how many DIFFERENT pro-wolfers are sounding off on comment sections. Just more pro-wolfer fraud.

    Oh, I think I remember another...wasn't one Wyonative...or something like that?

  4. And here you are again, misinforming the public. do you honestly think that you all truly understand what is going on here? Have you ever worked with wolves before? have you ever looked at your "supposed" opposition with any light of intelligence?
    or are there other personal issues going on here, where you all have issues facing yourselves and would rather post sites like this one, only representing *one* limited view of this controversial situation???! This is ignorance.

  5. @wofkill - I am seeing now (through little research) that you post online to fight with other people. Perhaps you should put down your sword and go to a mediation retreat at some point. I imagine all of this is probably tiring for you.

  6. This is a debate that has been going on with ranchers and scientific community for decades. Being from northern Canada and seeing wolves in there natural habitat is unique and quite a special thing. I truly understand the ranchers being upset with the loosing there livestock, but in the same breathe they are well compensated very well by the state government. Those who say that elk herd deer and other wildlife are vanishing is funny. people who study wolves will know that a pack of wolves will single out a injured or weak animal making the strongest genes to survive. Hunting may play into this also. The state does release numbers of the populations.How many tags do they hand out etc. Add all of those numbers and the rise of mountain lions which takes out a huge number of the mule deer population also adds to this. Giving the right to shoot on site is not the answer. Please remember that the wolf population out west runs about 2000 wolves. Thats not a lot with the range that they cover. This was the first time in U.S. history that a protective species was taken off the list without data but with congress making the decision. The wolf has its place in the ecosystem they are like the sharks in the ocean that eat weak and unhealthy fish keep our oceans. Like the lions in Africa. Predators have there place in nature and are part of our great nation.